SSID (Network Name) and How to Change it?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier and basically represents the wireless network name which helps us distinguish our wireless network from the other networks in ranges. The SSID can be 32 characters long and changing the SSID is one of the measures we can take in order to secure our wireless network. The reason for this is that many router manufacturers set the default SSID as the router model or router brand. And if someone knows your router model he or she can easily find the default router IP along with the login details.

How to Find Your SSID?

When you want to connect a laptop, tablet or other device to your network you have to know the SSID. If you are not sure you can find it in a few simple steps. If you already have a device connected to your wireless network  simply check the wireless network icon (see the image below). When you click this icon the list of all available wireless networks will be shown, both secured and unsecured. The SSID is the Name and you can see other network details as well.

SSID - Network-name

How to Change SSID

While the SSID can be changed there is also an option to hide it completely. While some people suggest that hiding the SSID is the way to go, we still recommend you to just change it to something more personal. If you hide the SSID you may have problems when you try to connect another device later, plus if someone really wants to find your SSID he or she can easily do that.

The process of changing the SSID is similar in every router menu no matter what brand it is, so here we will give some general steps to follow.

  • First we have to login to the router admin page.
  • In the menu look for Wireless or Wireless settings. Once you click that item you will see a field named SSID or Network Name.
  • Enter your new SSID and make sure to save the changes.


Please note that you will have to update the SSID settings to the devices already connected to the network.

Generally speaking, changing the default SSID and the default username and password is sufficient to keep your network secured.

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