– Huawei Router Login IP Address

Last Updated on is a default IP address not so often used as, or We don’t know the reason why it’s not so popular, but at the end it’s not that important. It still does the same job ie. it allows us to modify the router settings the way we want.

We have to say that is an IP address generally used by router companies like Huawei, 3JTech, Adaptec, Medialink, GL.iNet, Nexx, GigaFast… also, some of these router companies use other default IP addresses as default IPs for their routers, not just this one.

Before you begin

The first thing you have to realize is that you don’t have to have a working Internet connection in order to login to your router. The router settings page or the so called Web-Based Setup Page is located inside the router itself. It is not a web page that can be found online.

One of the most common reasons why the router login window won’t appear when you type the IP in the address bar is that you are typing the wrong default IP address. So, the first thing would be to check whether is your default IP. Huawei settings page


So, if you are using a router from some of the brands listed above and you are sure that is your default IP address you can try using the following default usernames and passwords to login to your router.

The Login Details

The way to login to the router using this IP address is not so different than using any other default IP address. The only thing that is always different is the default username and password and the login window but that is not really a problem.

In some cases when you enter this IP in the browser’s address bar you will be asked to set up your own password, but in most cases you will be asked to enter wither just a password, or a username and a password.

The list below lists the official username and passwords for the mentioned router brands.

3G/4G Routers

Huawei E5330

username: admin password: admin

3JTech 3G

username: admin password: admin

Mini Routers


you have to set up the password during installation


username: admin password: admin

Wireless Routers

Adaptec AWN-8084

username: admin password: none

Medialink MWN-WAPR300N

username: admin password: admin

DSL/Cable Broadband Router


username: leave blank password: admin

However, in case you can’t login using the login details given here you can either search the internet for additional usernames and passwords or simply reset your router to default factory basic settings. By doing this your router will accept the official default login details.

According to the manufacturers the router will accept the default username and password and you will be able to login to the router, however there is one important thing you have to keep in mind and that is – all your previous router settings, modifications and customization will be erased when you reset your router. This means that you will have to set up the Network name and the password again and update it to all your devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) to use the ‘new” Network name and password.

The 192.168.8.l Login Issue

One of the common issues where the user can’t login to the router is typing 192.168.8.l, instead of

Although these two look the same, they are not. The first one (192.168.8.l) is actually a typing error, because the IP address represents a string of numbers, and here at the end we have the small letter “l”. Just type the number 1 instead and the login window should appear.