How to change the router password

As you may already know, wireless routers have a default IP, username and password which allows the end user to easily access and modify the router settings. Learning how to change the router password is one of the several steps we have to perform when we want to secure our home network. By changing it, we prevent unauthorized persons to access our router settings and modify them. Please note that the router password is not the same as the wireless network password.

STEP 1 – Login to your router

Use the default router IP to login to your router and enter the default username and password. In case you have previously changed your router password, use that password instead. If you have forgotten your router password, read this article – How to retrieve lost password.

Step 2 – Changing the router password

Note: The configuration page of your router may differ from the ones presented in the images below, depending on your router model and brand.

Once logged in, take a look in the settings and:

How to change Linksys router password

For Linksys models check the “Administration” tab in the menu, and in the “Router password” box enter the new password. You will have to enter the same password again in the “Re-enter to confirm” box. This will prevent you from making a typing mistake and avoid login problems which will definitely make you reset your router to factory settings.

change linksys password

How to change Netgear router password

For Netgear models scroll down and look for “Set password” in the menu on the left, under “Maintenance“. Before making changes you will have to type the “Old password” in the required field and type the new password twice – once in the “New password” box and once in the “Repeat New Password”.

change netgear password

Click Apply and you are good to go.

How to change D-Link router password

For D-Link models click the “Tools” tab in the top menu. After that take a look at the “Admin password” section. There are two fields where you have to type the new password. Make sure not to copy/paste the password, but type it twice just to be sure you have typed it correctly.

change d-link password

Don’t forget to click Save settings.  

How to change TP-Link router password

For TP-Link models after logging into the router take a look at the menu on the left. Scroll down to “System tools”, click it, and in the sub-menu click on the “Password” link. Here you can change both the default username and password.

change tp-link password

How to change Belkin router password

For Belkin models the password settings can be easily found in the menu on the left. Find the “Utilities”, and then “System settings” link in the menu on the left, and click it. You will be prompted to “Type in current Password”, “Type in new Password” and “Confirm new Password”.

Click Apply changes and you are done.

change belkin password

As you can see from the examples on how to change the router password listed above, they are pretty much the same. According to this, if you own a router of another brand, you can easily change its password – just locate the right link in the menu on the router configuration page.

After you have successfully changed your router password you can continue securing your router. Note that in some cases when you save the changes, you will be logged out of the router. Use the new password to login again. By doing this you will confirm that you have successfully changed your password.

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