March 29, 2019

Failed to obtain IP address: 7 Ways to Fix it

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Probably the worst nightmare for younger people today is to have no Internet connection on their Android device. This definitely makes the device pretty useless, right?

This is the reason why the “failed to obtain IP address” problem will frustrate most of us.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are trying to connect to a new network or a previously saved one, the device simply gets stuck on Obtaining IP address from… or you get the message failed to obtain IP address.

Considering that this glitch can occur on any Android device, we have to tell you some good newsfixing the stuck Obtaining IP address error is rather simple.

We have made a list of the possible solutions to this problem so make sure to go down the list until you solve the problem.

How to fix failed to obtain IP address

Fix #1 – Forget and Reconnect

Although you may thing this won’t fix your problem, because it’s too simple, reconnecting to the network is something you should definitely try.

So, forget the saved network and then reconnect. You might get surprised with the result.

Fix #2 – Reboot devices

Rebooting the router and your Android device is another quick fix.

To reboot the router, login to the router settings page and in the menu under System tools, click on Reboot.

To reboot your Android device, simply press the Power button and hold it for a while. When you see the restart button, tap on it.

Fix #3 – Change the router security mode

change encryption type

Sometimes, changing the router’s security mode will do the magic.

So, log into your router settings page and look for Wireless security on the menu.

Once you see it, change the security mode to WPA2-PSK and choose AES as encryption type. Save the changes.

Forget the network from the device and then reconnect.

Fix #4 – Disable MAC filtering

In case you are using MAC filtering to allow the devices you trust use your network connection and your device is not on the list of allowed devices you will see the failed to obtain IP address message.

Find the MAC filtering option in the router settings page and disable it to see if it will fix the problem. If this was the reason, you can either add the device to the whitelist or remove it from the black list if it was there.

Fix #5 – Improve Wi-Fi signal strength

Sometimes when you are almost out of Wi-Fi range you might get stuck in the obtaining IP address loop. You can try getting closer to the wireless router and try again.

Fix #6 – Reset Android Network settings

A rather simple way to fix some networking issues on Android is by resetting the Network settings.

Tap on Settings and go to Backup and reset.

Look for Reset network settings. Tap on it and wait till Android does its job. When it finishes, restart your device. Try to connect again.

Fix #7 – Manually assign a static IP address to your device

If you haven’t fixes the Obtaining IP address loop till now, this is something you have to try. Let’s see how to do this:

Before you start, check the router’s default IP and write it down.

On your Android device go to Settings. Then Connections and turn on Wi-Fi.

Tap and press the Network name and tap on Modify network config.

Check Show advanced options.

Select Static under IP settings.

Change the last digits in the IP address. For example, if your IP address is, choose something like or higher. This is important because if your router uses as a default IP, it assigns IP addresses to all the connected devices, for example, and so on. So, if you already have a device with the same IP in the network, an IP conflict will occur which can make your network unstable or lose Internet connection.

Save the settings.

In case you can’t connect to the Internet after you make these changes, go back to Static settings and ether the router IP under Gateway and DNS1.

Final thoughts

At this point, these are the solutions for the failed to obtain IP address issue we have collected so far. If some of them worked for you please leave a comment.

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