March 31, 2019

http://dlinkrouter.local or – Which one to use?

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Logging to your D-Link wireless router is quite simple and easy, and we will talk about it in this post, but what might confuse some users is whether they should use http://dlinkrouter.local or to login successfully.

http://dlinkrouter.local or
http://dlinkrouter.local or

Well, the answer is simple – you can actually use both of them to login to your D-Link router. However, let’s see what the difference is. is a default router IP address used by D-Link and some other major router manufacturers. This means that specific router models can be accessed and configured using the same IP (in this case as well as the same username and password combination.

Although this is a great thing, it also represents a great security threat to your personal Wi-Fi network.

This is the reason why it is recommended to change the default IP and login details during the initial setup process together with the default Network Name (SSID) and default Wi-Fi password.

Note that it is not necessary to add http:// in front of the IP because most browsers today add it automatically for you.


This link represents another way to login to your D-Link router. It is a good option to use in case you can’t log in to the router using the IP mentioned above.

How to login using http://dlinkrouter.local or

We’ll try to keep this as simple as possible.

First of all launch your web browser. Then in the address bar (not the Search bar) type:



  • http://dlinkrouter.local

When the login window appears type the default login details:

Username: admin

Password: leave it blank for now

After that clock OK or Log in.

If the router default settings haven’t been changed before you will see the D-Link admin page.

Now there are numerous settings which can be modified, but we recommend changing the following:

Changing just these settings will significantly increase the security of your personal network. However, make sure you write down these details in case you need them later.

Final thoughts

We had to mention that the IP or the link has to be entered in the URL bar because this is one of the reasons why the login window doesn’t show up and users fail to login to their router. The same thing can happen if you mistype the D-Link default router IP address: 192.168.o.1 instead of

Just pay attention and there won’t be any problems.

As you can see, in order to login to your D-Link router you can use either http://dlinkrouter.local or

It’s that simple.

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