How to change the WiFi password on TP-link router

There are several reasons why you might want to change your wireless network password. Either you don’t like the old one and want to change it to something more secure or just a bit more memorable. However, one of the main reason why people change their default Wi-Fi password is to increase the security of … Read more

Why And How To Secure Your Wireless Router

Protecting your wireless network is something you have to and can do on your own. The tips below will require from you to login to the router’s configuration page i.e. the web-based utility. Before you start make sure to have all the necessary details like router’s IP, username and password. Once you have these, you … Read more

Network Security Key Mismatch: What It Is & How To Fix

Every router varies, but all have some sort of network security key mismatch error message. It’s relatively simple to understand – your router is looking for a certain string of characters as the password, and it’s receiving something other than that, thus prompting an error. Fixing the network security key mismatch error is relatively simple. … Read more

How to find the router IP address

Not many of us can really tell that they know their router default IP address. In most cases there is no need to know it. However, if you are tired of your neighbors using your wireless internet connection, or you want to have a funny Network name to make your neighbors laugh, or you want … Read more