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The default IP used to access the router admin page is normaly seen in routers produced by Belkin, Edimax, Dynex or SMC. In case you own a router of one of these brands you certainly have to know how to use this IP address.

If you are asking why would you want to log into your router at first place, the first answer would be – to secure your wireless network. Of course if you have kids you can also limit their screen time from there, or if you are a gamer, port forwarding and blocking can be managed in the settings too.

What is

It is a private IP in the Class C range. Private means that this IP can’t be reached over the Internet or outside a network. Instead, it can exist in any network, but just one device in the network (usually the router) can use this IP,

This IP address is just like any other of the several IP addresses router manufacturers use for their routers to allow the user access and customize the router settings.

In this case we are talking about Belkin, one of the more popular router brands. We don’t know the reason why this IP is used as a Belkin router login IP instead of or, but there is no difference whatsoever. Additionally, other router manufacturers like Edimax, Dynex or SMC also use this router login IP.

Belkin router login Step-by-Step

As we have mentioned earlier, works just like other default IPs, so the login procedure is the same as well.

Step 1 – Launch your browser

  • Launch the browser you normally use. It really doesn’t matter whether it is Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Step 2 – Type

  • In the address bar (not the Search bar) type the default IP.

  • Press Enter on your keyboard.

type the belkin password here


Step 3 – Enter the login details

If you are trying to login to the router for the first time, you need to know that Belkin and Dynex routers generally don’t come with a default password, so when you the login window appears just click Submit to log in. However, it is good to set up a new password for security purposes.

However, if you have already set up an admin password, you will be required to enter it. Also, make sure to write that password somewhere just in case you need it next time you want to change some of the router settings.

In case you forget this password, you will have to hard-reset your router to factory settings. This will erase all your previous settings and for that reason this is the last option in our efforts to successfully login to the router.

Other routers using

Other router brands with this default IP such as Edimax and SMC Networks come with a default username and a default password for their routers, so if you are having a router produced by any of these two, the default username/password combinations are:

Router BrandIP addressDefault UsernameDefault Password
SMC Networks192.168.2.1cusadmin or blankpassword
leave it blank
Siemens192.168.2.1admin or leave it blankadmin
leave it blank

Router login problems

We are sure you have followed the steps given above and you are already browsing through the router settings. However, sometimes the login fails for some of the following reasons, so take some time and go through this checklist.

1. Check whether your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone is connected to the home network.

Devices which are not part of the network won’t have access to the router admin page. This is also a reason why should you secure your wireless Internet connection with a strong password. In case you leave it open, anyone can access the router settings and modify the settings. Just imagine if someone sets up a password for your wireless connection. The only solution would be to reset the router to factory settings and set up the home network from scratch.

2. If the login window doesn’t show up, check whether you are using the correct default IP.

Let’s say you have a Belkin router and although they generally use this IP as a default one, maybe your ISP (if you have rented the router, or someone else has changed it.

The easiest way to check your router IP is to launch the Command Prompt in Windows if you are using it, and type ipconfig. After you hit the Enter button, look for the Default gateway. This is your router IP.

3. If you have checked and confirmed that it is your router IP, check whether you have typed it correctly.

Sometimes, we accidentally make a typing error by entering 192.168.2.l which is certainly wrong because an IP consists of numbers only, not letters.

Final Words

Logging into your router is quite simple and the problems you might experience can be solved easily. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid using this IP to secure your home network from intruders, or take care of how long your kids surf the Internet or play online games. All you have to take care at the beginning is to have the correct router IP and the default login details written somewhere.